Whitehead & Chiocca, PLC April 28, 2018

Providing Justice and Security for Children and Families

At Whitehead & Chiocca, we believe that the most vulnerable members of our society, children, deserve the greatest care and security that we can provide.  Often unable to speak for themselves or guard themselves from harm, children depend on caring personal injury attorneys like us to ensure that they have a safe place in this world.

When society fails them and children are hurt or injured, they deserve protection and justice.  In many ways under the Virginia law, children are treated differently than adults because they are not capable of protecting their own interests.  When seeking legal advice, it is important that you understand how the law treats children differently.

Drawing from our experience, seeking justice for children all over Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield County, we have prepared a concise, informative publication that describes how child injury cases are viewed through Virginia laws: “How Virginia Laws Treat a Child’s Injury Case Differently”.  Please order a copy today, as many of your questions will be answered in this free, no obligation publication.

Protecting the Rights of Virginia’s Children

If your child has been injured or killed because of somebody else’s negligence, it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer familiar with child accident cases as soon as possible.  At the Richmond-based firm of Whitehead & Chiocca, we are dedicated to providing justice and security to children and their families in Virginia.

Our attorneys devote themselves to a limited number of clients at a time so that they can provide focused, personalized service to each case.  You may always talk directly with a lawyer and not be shuffled to a paralegal or assistant, as we pride ourselves on our hands-on, client-focused approach.

Whitehead & Chiocca accepts a variety of child injury, accident, and death cases including:

Child Accident and Injury

Children can be injured in a variety of ways: car accidents, school bus crashes, being hit on a bicycle, playground falls, or other slip and fall type accidents.  They can also be abused by their caregivers, such as at daycare facilities or by foster families or after-school programs.  Whitehead & Chiocca often represent teachers in disputes involving the Virginia public school system.  As a result, our personal injury attorneys have an advantage when dealing with school systems when a child is injured due to someone’s negligence at the school or on a school bus.

Child Guardian Ad Litem

Some cases may require that a guardian ad litem be assigned to protect the rights of the child.  Children are legally incapacitated and therefore do not have the legal right to settle a personal injury case or sign a contract.  In order to serve as a child’s guardian ad litem in Virginia, an attorney – in addition to having the necessary education, experience and certification – must have also completed the required qualifying course.  Attorney Michele Chiocca is one of the few qualified guardian ad litems in Virginia.  She often serves as a guardian ad litem in the City of Richmond and the counties of Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland and Hanover.

Wrongful Death of a Child

There is no greater loss than the loss of a child.  When the worst happens, a parent or guardian deserves to seek justice for the death of their child.  You should not feel guilty for wanting to hold the responsible party accountable for their negligence.  In these tragic situations, Whitehead & Chiocca will use the power of the legal system to help you get the compensation your family deserves for the death of a child.

Child Dog Bite

Children are naturally inquisitive, and crossing the path of an unleashed, aggressive or poorly trained dog can result in severe bites, major scars and even surgery.  Dog owners that do not take responsibility for training or supervising their animals are the greatest cause of dog attacks and dog bites on children.  Depending on your child’s injuries, your child could recover compensation for surgical expenses, medical expenses and their emotional and mental distress.  Parents are entitled to recover what they pay in medical bills for the child.