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Passionate About Providing Justice

As partners, we share the same passion for enforcing our clients' rights. We’ll spread that passion to you, so you feel empowered to fight for what’s right.

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Around here, we get things done quickly. You don't have to worry about a slow, drawn-out process with us. Our mission is to deliver results fast."
Hunt H. Whitehead

At Whitehead & Chiocca, we believe maximum efficiency leads to winning results. You work with us as a team, and together we tackle your case.

We know the legal process can be time-consuming; it can last much longer than you could have anticipated. That's why we prioritize getting you through your case as quickly as possible. Our clients value this expediency, as it lessens the amount of time they have to spend wading through the uncertain waters of a legal dispute.

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Our Principles

Tag-Team Approach

We bring the expertise of our partnership to your case, tackling each of its parts with diligence.

Fast & Friendly

You’re welcome in our company. We value good relationships while getting the job done right.

Care About The Community

We’re obliged to support the causes we believe in. If we’re making a difference in the world, we’re happy.

What Our Clients Say

Notable Cases & Matters

We Represent the Truth

Since even before we started Whitehead & Chiocca more than 15 years ago, we've been committed to finding and defending the truth. After 9/11, when family members of victims needed representation in court, Mr. Whitehead's prerogative was to listen to their stories.

Their experiences were bits of truth that needed the light of day not only in the name of justice but also for posterity. Whenever we open the truth to the public, we are making a difference.

Ms. Chiocca feels the same drive to make a difference when privately representing teachers after a terrible misunderstanding at school threatens to upend their lives. You’ll see we fight passionately for our clients.

If the truth goes unheard, it gets buried and becomes more difficult to uncover. We feel a duty to uncover it — it's our way of improving the community. We raise awareness of safety measures and combat injustice, especially if you've suffered an injury in a car accident and need to be heard. Come to our office and tell us your story.