Practice Areas

Looking for legal help? You can trust the personal injury lawyers at Whitehead & Chiocca for the representation you need. We commonly practice and provide legal assistance to the residents in Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield Virginia for the following types of cases:

Car Accidents

It doesn’t seem fair: you spend a good amount of money on insurance every month, but as soon as you are seriously injured in a car accident you can’t get the adjuster to be fair and pay up. Where can auto accident victims turn to make sure they are fairly compensated for their injuries?

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Children and the Law

At Whitehead & Chiocca, we believe that the most vulnerable members of our society, children, deserve the greatest care and security that we can provide. Often unable to speak for themselves or guard themselves from harm, children depend on caring personal injury attorneys like us to ensure that they have a safe place in this world.

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Guardian Ad Litem

Some cases may require that a guardian ad litem be assigned to protect the rights of the child. Children are legally incapacitated and therefore do not have the legal right to settle a personal injury case or sign a contract.

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